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L Margareta Larsson

Sr. Lecturer    ,

Margareta Larsson, a native of Sweden, came to this country as a Fulbright Scholar to study cultural anthropology at the University of California at Berkeley (MA Anthropology) and later studied at Georgia State University (MS Applied Linguistics and ESL). She has taught ESL at the Language Institute at Georgia Institute of Technology and the American Language Institute at New York University. Since 2002, she has been teaching in the Intensive English Program at Georgia State University and is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Linguistics. In addition to teaching, she also works on grant-funded special programs in the IEP, including teacher training programs with English teachers from different countries. Passionate about connecting people from different cultures, last year she initiated Conversation Meet Ups in collaboration with faculty in the Department of World Languages and Cultures to help connect GSU students studying other languages with international students.

Margareta teaches reading, writing, oral communication and pronunciation in the IEP and has developed several courses, including courses on academic writing and reading skills (IEP 0930, 0950, 0850) and pronunciation and fluency (IEP 0450). Her work always involves collaborations not only with other faculty in the IEP but also with faculty in other fields and at other institutions. Her recent presentations and publications are focused on teaching pronunciation (International TESOL 2018, PSSLT 2018, TESOL Peru 2017). In the IEP, she frequently teaches the following courses: Structure and Composition (IEP 0640), Oral Communication for Academic Purposes (IEP 0720 and 0750), and Pronunciation and Fluency (IEP 0450).

In her free time, Margareta enjoys reading, writing and photography, preferably outdoors, and her favorite activities are walking with her dogs and having fika (Swedish for coffee and conversation) with a friend.