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Erika Alcantar Anguiano

IEP Instructor    

Erika Alcantar Anguiano graduated from Georgia State University in Spring 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics and a minor in French. In the classroom, she is a patient teacher who understands the struggles of learning English and other foreign languages. Outside the classroom, she is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics. Throughout her studies at GSU, Erika has had the opportunity of interning, observing, tutoring, and teaching courses within the Intensive English Program at Georgia State (IEP 0830: Reading and Listening for Academic Purposes III, IEP 0840: Reading and Listening for Academic Purposes IV, and IEP 0930: Writing for University Exams III). Her main interests are second language acquisition, multilingualism, corpus linguistics, interpretation and translation. Outside of work and school, she loves reading, learning foreign languages, and spending time with her family and friends.