Pre-LLM Summer Program: English for Professional Purposes: Law (EPP:L)

Law LL.M. Class in English


This program is currently being reviewed. For more information, please contact the Intensive English Program (

The English for Professional Purposes: Law (EPP:L) program is an intensive six-week program that provides language training in legal English. The program has been designed in collaboration with Georgia State University’s College of Law and is intended to prepare international LL.M. candidates for the demands of graduate coursework. Priority will be given to incoming LL.M. students who are required to take the program as a condition of admission. If space is available, other qualified students may choose to enroll in the program.

By the end of the summer, hard-working students will be prepared for the LL.M. program and will have…

  • improved their written and spoken English;
  • presented clear, logical, and well-supported legal reasoning in oral communication and writing;
  • become exposed to language and content encountered in the LL.M. program.



Dates:  2019 dates to be determined

EPP:L Program Tuition $3456
Student Fees $120*
Health Insurance $523*
Application Fee

Waived (Pre-LLM only)

$125 (non Pre-LLM)

* Subject to change


To be admitted to the EPP:L program, students must have a 90 (or higher) on the TOEFL or a 6.5 (or higher) on the IELTS.

  • Conditionally accepted LL.M. program students will be fully accepted to GSU’s LL.M. degree program upon successful completion of the EPP:L
  • *Non-GSU students who wish to be admitted to the EPP:L program need to demonstrate English proficiency with a 90+ TOEFL or a 6.5+ IELTS
  • Students with scores below 90 (TOEFL) or 6.5 (IELTS) may take the EPP:L program after successful completion level 5 IEP courses – please visit the IEP website for details regarding the IEP program:

*Priority will be given to incoming LL.M. students at Georgia State University’s College of Law who are required to take the program as a condition of admission.  If space is available, other LL.M. students may be admitted to the course.


The application deadline for the Summer 2019 EPP:L program is April 20, 2019 (for applicants outside the U.S.) or June 1, 2019 (applicants inside the U.S.).

To apply for the EPP:L program, fill out the IEP – EPP:L application by clicking on the link below;

EPPL Application

Please scan the application and required documents and send to


International applicants are required to request a student visa for the Intensive English Program (not the LL.M. program) in order to obtain the F-1 visa and must enroll in the full-time program (18 hours).  At the end of the summer, the IEP will transfer the I-20 to the ISSS office so that you can begin studies in the College of Law.  If you hold an F-1 visa and are attending another program, you must transfer your SEVIS record from your current school to the IEP.

Student Visa Application Requirements:

  • Bank Statement
  • Sponsor Letter
  • Completed Application
  • Photocopy of Passport ID Page


  • IEP 0998: Academic legal writing and analysis (6 course hours): Students review, analyze and write different genres, beginning with case briefing, synthesizing reasoning in multiple cases, noticing and using specific linguistics structures and patterns. Students also practice writing answers to typical law school examination problem questions.
  • IEP 0997: Reading and understanding legal materials (6 course hours): Students receive instruction in how to read a case, not for general layperson understanding but for purpose of understanding legal reasoning and analysis. Students learn legal terms and how to apply reasoning to other fact situations consistent with the American common law system.
  • IEP 0999: Interactive listening and speaking in various legal forums (6 course hours): Students watch and discuss live and recorded law classes. Students interact with live courtroom proceedings and meet with legal practitioners in the Atlanta area. Students also prepare video-recorded formal presentations which are provided feedback.


Housing is available during the summer on campus.  See the Georgia State University Housing page at for more information on housing.