From IEP to Georgia State University

Many IEP students enter university undergraduate degree programs while they are finishing IEP courses. These students are called bridge students. To become a bridge student, you can demonstrate language proficiency by:

  1. completing most of the IEP classes at Level 5,* and/or
  2. scoring well on the GSTEP (Georgia State Testing of English Proficiency exam).


Bridge Student Eligibility:

  1. Apply to Undergraduate Admissions at Georgia State and meet all requirements for entry (except language proficiency).
  2. Complete all Level 4 courses with a C- or better  in the IEP a semester or more prior to Georgia State entry. *
  3. Complete at least 9 hours at Level 5:
    • Structure and Composition (6 course hours)
    • Academic Writing (3 course hours)
    • Reading/Listening (3 course hours)
    • Extensive Reading (3 course hours)
    • Oral Communication (3 course hours)


  1. Be exempt from at least 9 hours based on your GSTEP results.
  2. Receive recommendation to be a bridge student from the IEP and/or the GSTEP testing coordinator.*
  3. Receive permission to take Georgia State courses from the Admissions Office.
  4. Register for classes in the IEP and at Georgia State.

* Important: A student must receive a “C-” or better in all courses the semester before entering Georgia State University.