Housing is available in Atlanta for students in on campus residence halls, apartments, and homestays.  The IEP does not arrange for housing for students; there are many options available based on individual preferences.

 On Campus Housing

If you are interested in on-campus housing, you must apply online (after you have been accepted to the IEP and have a PantherID number).  Housing space on campus is limited, so it is essential to apply early.  Students who begin fall semester when demand is greater should apply as early as possible. The application for housing is separate from the application to the IEP and must be done online.


Off-Campus Housing


There are many apartments throughout the city that are affordable and close to public transportation (estimated rent: $600–$800). IEP students are responsible for finding their own apartment housing.  You can use the Georgia State’s Off-Campus Living website to locate an apartment or a roommate and then click on “Places for Students.” If you need a place to stay while you look for an apartment, you can choose to live with a family through a homestay company when you first arrive. NOTE: NOTE: BE SURE TO SIGN A SHORT-TERM CONTRACT ONLY.


Independent companies in Atlanta place students in private family residences. This can be a wonderful opportunity to practice English and learn about American culture.  However, the IEP is not officially affiliated with any single company in the Atlanta area.   An internet search “Atlanta Homestays” or “Homestays Atlanta” will yield several results.